Bandle City


逸話 (Lore)

Bandle CityはYordle Landの中にある、yordle達の中心都市である。Valoranの南方、Sablestone山脈の庇護下に、大多数のyordleはその社会生活を営んでいる。
何世紀も前には、yordle達は決まった居住地を持たず、長い間大陸を旅し続けていた。そのうちに彼らは、現在Bandle Cityが位置するところである、Ruddynip渓谷の只中に定住した。彼らの社会は田舎くさい単純な生活共同体に見えるかもしれないが、その都市そのものには陰謀と謎が渦巻いている。

Bandle City resides in Yordle Land and is the home city of the yordle race. The vast majority of the yordle society dwells in the southeastern part of Valoran, behind the safety of the Sablestone Mountain range.
Centuries before, the yordles were a nomadic race, traveling around the continent for many years. They eventually settled themselves within the Ruddynip Valley where modern day Bandle City is now located. While their society may seem like a simple rural community, the city itself holds a great deal of intrigue and mystery.

yordle達について (Yordles)



As with humans, yordles are bipedal sentient beings.They also have male and female genders. Yordles are decidedly shorter than humans; both male and female yordles rarely exceed 1 meter tall, with most averaging around 0.8 meters. Their skin texture ranges from being completely smooth, to very lightly covered in fur, to ultimately being significantly furry.
Their skin tone runs a much broader spectrum of colors than their human counterparts; while there is no direct scientific explanation for this, some consider this to be a sign of the yordles’ attunement to Runeterra’s magical nature, maybe note worthy to state female Yordles tend to have smooth skin (commonly blue), while their male counterparts tend to be furry.
They generally have inferior vision in the normal spectrum of light than humans. Yordles nevertheless have much better hearing and are able to see into the infrared spectrum of light, where humans cannot. Furthermore, they are commonly characterized by their dependence on language, as well as their creation and utilization of complex tools.

The yordle race may possibly have genetic ties to the sea dwelling race in which FizzFizz, the Tidal Trickster, is derived from, though scientific evidence of a common ancestor has yet to be found.

文化 (Culture)


Yordles require far more social interaction with their own kind than humans do.
They generally are a peaceful and amicable race, often marked with streaks of joviality and light prankishness; their moral compass is most often pointed toward goodness and benevolence. Their desire for social interaction drives them toward this ethos, as the mental health of a yordle is very much dependent on the positive company he or she keeps. This does not mean, however, that they are incapable of cruelty and evil.
In fact, a yordle who is kept in isolation for too long – especially from contact with other yordles – runs the risk of becoming withdrawn and sullen. Some who already are centered more toward malevolence will become exceedingly so in due course.These yordles will often twist their desire for social interaction into a desire to seek out others to inflict pain and suffering upon them, one extreme example being veigarVeigar, the Tiny Master of Evil.

政府 (Government)

Bandle Cityは、各個人ごとの特定の分野を監督する多彩な公務員達と、社会共同体に深く立脚した政府を持っている。この都市国家の現在のリーダーはMayor Dennison Jadefellow(Dennison Jadefellow市長)である。

Bandle City has a very community-based government with various officials overseeing their own specific areas. The city-state's current leader is Mayor Dennison Jadefellow.

軍事 (Military)


この都市の武装旅団であるthe Megling Commandos(Megling特殊部隊)はBandle Cityの伝説の一つとなっている。彼らは何世紀にも渡る歴史を持ち、そして現存する最も古いyordleの軍事部隊であり続けている。彼らはその勇敢さと勇猛さ、危険さと無慈悲さで知られており、この都市国家出身の全ての戦士達から最も尊敬されかつ恐れられている。この特殊部隊の勇壮な創設者であるMeglingの伝説は、今なおValoran中でささやかれているのを聞くことができる。これらの伝説こそ、「Megling銃士」tristanaTristanaがyordle軍に入り、Megling Commandosの一員となることを決意させたものである。

この都市の情報部隊であるthe Scouts of the Mothership(マザーシップの斥候隊)では、「素早い斥候」 teemoTeemoというyordleが主にこの部隊における偵察の第一人者として知られている。しかしながら、彼の本当の功績の数々を知る者にとっては、Teemoが実際のところは別の物、すなわちBandle Cityの自責の念の無い暗殺者である事は明確である。

航空隊であるthe Screaming Yipsnakes(叫ぶYipsnake達)は、航空強襲機、the Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter(偵察任務用前線ヘリ)を採用し、現在これはthe Bandle City Expeditionary Force (BCEF)(Bandle City遠征隊、略してBCEF)の中核をなしている。

What yordles lack in stature, they make up for with their armaments and their industriousness.

The city's weapons brigade – the Megling Commandos – are something of a legend in Bandle City. They have a history that spans centuries, and they remain the oldest yordle military unit still in service. They are renowned for their courage and bravery, as well as their deadliness and ruthlessness, making them the most respected and feared of all warriors from the city-state. Legends of Megling, the valiant founder of the commandos, can still be heard whispered throughout Valoran. It was these legends that most inspired tristanaTristana, the Megling Gunner, to join the yordle military and become part of the Megling Commandos.

Within the city's intelligence team – the Scouts of the Mothership – the yordle teemoTeemo, the Swift Scout, is known by most as the group's top recon specialist. However, to those who know of his true exploits, it is clear that Teemo is actually something else – the unrepentant assassin of Bandle City.
While he enjoys the level of community and companionship inherent to all yordles, Teemo's feelings for his people are so strong that he ventures out on his own to seek out the foes of his city. When he finds them, Teemo extinguishes their lives with the rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of Kumungu.
It is said that there is something that switches off in Teemo, so that the lives he ends do not burden him.

The aerial squadron – the Screaming Yipsnakes – utilized the Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter, an air assault vehicle which has now become the backbone of the Bandle City Expeditionary Force (BCEF).
corkiCorki, the Daring Bombardier, was the most renowned of the group. He and his squadron would soar over Valoran, surveying the landscape and conducting aerial acrobatics for the benefit of onlookers below. During times of conflict, the squadron often performed missions which would take them behind enemy lines, either gathering intelligence or delivering messages through hot zones.

Demaciaとの関係 (Relations with Demacia)

都市国家DemaciaとBandle Cityは比較的良好な関係を築いている。二つの都市国家間で使者として活動しているのが「鉄の大使」poppyPoppyである。

Bandle City shares a relatively good relationship with the city-state of Demacia. Acting as an envoy between the two city-states is poppyPoppy, the Iron Ambassador.

Bilgewaterとの関係 (Relations with Bilgewater)

Bandle CityとBilgewaterの間の繋がりは常に多少の緊張をはらんでいる。主に、yordleの艦隊が時々海賊に襲われるためである。

Ties between Bandle City and Bilgewater have always been a little tense, mainly due to the occasional pirate assaults on yordle vessels.

Piltoverとの関係 (Relations with Piltover)

DemaciaはPiltoverの同盟国ではあるが、PiltoverとBandle Cityの関係に比べればそれも些少な物と見られるだろう。機械工学の秀才から傑出した機械工作好きに至るまで、Bandle cityの最も独創性に富んだ者達の多くがPiltoverの中心部にある大学に入学する。Piltoverの大学の中のyordleの勢力の最も顕著な例が「崇拝される発明家」heimerdingerHeimerdingerである。
Piltoverは、「機械化されたやんちゃ」rumbleRumbleや「Hexplosiveの専門家」ZiggsZiggsなどの多くのyordle達の興味を引き、また警戒をされている。Bandle Cityの軍備のほとんどはPiltoverで生産されている。例を上げれば、the Yipsnakesの航空機や都市の防衛監視壁やタレットなどがそうである。

Though Piltover is a Demacian ally, it's worth noting the special connection between Bandle City and Piltover. Many of the most ingenious minds of Bandle city go to attend the University in the heart of Piltover from mechanical masterminds to tinkering exellency; the most obvious display of Yordle power in Piltover University is heimerdingerHeimerdinger, the Revered Inventor.
Piltover has gotten the attention of many yordles and taken attention to many also such as rumbleRumble, the Mechanized Menace and ZiggsZiggs, the Hexplosive Expert. Military weaponization for Bandle City is largely produced in Piltover; examples would be the Yipsnakes aircraft and the cities defensive outpost walls and turrets.

Ioniaとの関係 (Relations with Ionia)

Bandle CityとIoniaの関係は中立的で、ごくわずかな交流が二つの都市国家間にあるのみである。しかしながら、この中立性の例外となりうるのが「嵐の中心」kennenKennenである。

KennenはBandle Cityで生まれ、彼の恐ろしいスピードでのみ消費されうる限界の無いエネルギーを持っていた。彼の驚くべき天性はIoniaのthe Placidium(註:Ioniaの中心地 ちなみにPlacidiumとは地衣類の一種・・・のようである。詳しい人求む)の外壁を駆け上るまで世に知られなかった。この偉業がthe Kinkou Orderに伝わった時、Kennenは素早くそして静かに面接を受ける事となった。
the Kinkouの言葉と制裁を地域を越えて奔放に振りまくという、the Heart of the Tempest(嵐の中心)の役割は、彼にぴったりであった。Kennenのthe Kinkou Orderにおける地位は、彼がとある一方をもう一方より愛するということを禁じているが、彼はIoniaに深く影響を受け、そして戦いの時はこの都市国家を援助する傾向にある。

Bandle City and Ionia appear to have a neutral relationship, as there is very little association between the two city-states. However, the possible exception to this neutrality is kennenKennen, the Heart of the Tempest.

Born from Bandle City, Kennen possessed boundless energy that found no limits and was matched only by his unnerving speed. His astonishing gifts remained unnoticed until he ran straight up the great outer wall of the Placidium in Ionia. When word of this feat reached the Kinkou Order, Kennen was quickly and quietly brought for an audience.
He found that the role of the Heart of the Tempest suited him, frenetically delivering both the word and the punishments of the Kinkou across the realm. While Kennen's position in the Order prevents him from favoring one side over another, he appears to have a deep affection for Ionia, and would often cheer for the city-state while in battle.

出来事 (History)

Yordleの女子 行方不明 (Yordle Girl Went Missing)

LuluLuluといふ名の紫色のyordleの少女 或る午後から行方知れずになりたる 彼ノ少女が最後に目撃されしは町の広場なり 他のyordleの童共は 少女ハ鳥小屋の中に引つかかりたる大ほきな蛍と話せりと言へり 少女は其れを引きい出し 其れについて行き そしてどこへトモ無く消えりとなむ 童共ハ見間違いをせんなりと人々言へるも 昨今のthe Rune Wars(ルーン戦争)による影響を考へれば 童共が真を言へるも また 背後に加へて重大なる事あらむも否定すべからず

A little purple, yordle girl, named LuluLulu, went missing on one afternoon. She was last seen in the town square where some of the other yordle children said that the girl was talking to a large firefly that was stuck inside a bird house. The girl pulled it out, followed it and, suddenly, disappeared into thin air. People say that the children must have faulty vision, but with the recent effects of the Rune Wars, there's no telling if what the children say is true or perhaps something more.

Bandle Cityのマザーシップ (The Bandle City Mothership)

町の繁華街を越えたところには、the Mothership(マザーシップ)と呼ばれる図体の大きな未完成のロケットが鎮座している。これがどこから来たのかを示す資料は全く無いが、口伝によればthe Ruddynip Valleyに最初のyordle達が居住する以前からここにあったことが分かっている。この船はRuneterra中のyordle達にとっての文化的アイコンであり、彼らの社会は「これからやろうぜ」の精神、あるいは壊れた機構を修復するという協調性の象徴の元に結集している。

Above the city center sits a hulking, unfinished rocket called the Mothership. There are no records which say where it came from, though oral histories declare that it was there before the first yordles came to settle the Ruddynip Valley. The ship is a cultural icon for yordles across Runeterra and their society is unified around the concept of "getting it ready," or restoring the broken-down structure as a symbol of cooperation.
Unfortunately, actual cooperation ends with several unfinished projects littering the site, and ongoing debate over what should be done next.

Demaciaへの”鉄の大使” (The Iron Ambassador to Demacia)

数年前。Yordleの著名な鍛冶職人、BlomgrunはDemacia将軍のために栄光ある兜を作るという任を受けた。この命令はNoxianの高等司令官に漏れ、2人の最高の諜報員がDemaciaへ向かう途中のBlomgrunのキャラバンを襲撃した。それに同行していたBlomgrunの娘は、その兜とともに難を逃れることができた。彼女は目の前で父親が斬られるのをどうすることもできず見ていた。彼女は家へ逃げ帰るのではなく、ひとりでDemaciaへ兜を運んだ。Demaciaの将軍は彼女の涙の裏にぞっとするような決意を読み取ると、Bandle Cityの指導者に彼女をYordleのDemaciaへの大使に任命することを依頼した。
Yordleの指導者たちはその依頼を了承し、Blomgrunの娘、 poppyPoppyをBandle CityとDemaciaの間の連絡係に任命した。

Years ago the famous yordle blacksmith Blomgrun was commissioned to create a glorious helm for a Demacian general. Word of this charge was leaked to the Noxian High Command, and two of their best spies ambushed Blomgrun's caravan en route to Demacia. Blomgrun's daughter, who was traveling with him at the time, was able to escape with the helm.
She watched helplessly as her father was slain before her eyes. Instead of fleeing home, she carried the helm to Demacia alone. When the Demacian general saw the grim determination behind the tears in her eyes, the general requested that the leadership of Bandle City make her the yordle ambassador to Demacia.
The yordle leaders agreed with the request, appointing Blomgrun's daughter, poppyPoppy, the liaison between Bandle City and Demacia.

マザーシップからのカップケーキ (A Cupcake from the Mothership)

ある日、マザーシップから化石化したカップケーキが吐き出されるのをBeardly Kittleという名の職人が発見した。目撃証言によれば、このとき船に数秒間光が走ったのが見えたという。Yordleの科学者たちは調査を継続しているが、マザーシップがすぐに再起動することはなさそうである。しかしながら、その発見はBandle Cityにお祭りを巻き起こし、Dennison Jadefellow市長はこの日を都市国家の祝日とすることを宣言した。

One day a local tinker named Beardly Kittle discovered a fossilized cupcake that had been expelled out from the Mothership. During this time witnesses claimed to see lights flashing across the ship for a few seconds. Yordle scientists continue to investigate, though they found it unlikely that the Mothership will be turning on again anytime soon.
Nevertheless, the discovery has awakened unified celebration in Bandle City, with Mayor Dennison Jadefellow declaring a city-state holiday.

Poppyの記念日 滅茶苦茶に (Poppy's Anniversary Day Ruined)

海賊Tiresias Ellingtonとその船員達がDemaciaに向かうBandle Cityの船を強襲し、その貨物を略奪した。tristanaTristanaとteemoTeemoの特殊部隊はこの海賊を逮捕することに成功したが、積荷を回収することは出来なかった。この貨物はpoppyPoppyがDemaciaとyordleの間の使者として任命された記念式に運ばれる予定であった。
彼らの記念日の計画を乱した事も含め、Bilgewaterはこの貨物の損失に対して賠償せよと要請するよう、Bandle CityはLeagueに対して主張した。Bilgewater側の主張としては、彼らは少数の独立した船員達の行動について何らの責任を負わない、とのことである。

The pirate Tiresias Ellington and his crew boarded a Bandle City ship headed to Demacia and sacked the vessel of its goods. Though tristanaTristana and teemoTeemo's special forces were able to apprehend the pirates, they could not salvage the cargo. This particular shipment was on its way to a celebration, a commemoration to poppyPoppy's appointment to service as envoy between Demacia and the yordles.
Bandle City appealed to the League to solicit reparations from Bilgewater for the loss of the goods, along with spoiling their anniversary plans. Bilgewater’s stance was that they were not responsible for the actions of a few independent sailors.

マザーシップの誘拐未遂 (Attempted Abduction of the Mothership)

the Horseshoe Heist(馬蹄強奪事件)及びBalloon Burglary(風船強盗事件)の背後にいた黒幕は、他ならぬ「小さな悪の総帥」veigarVeigarであったことが判明した。彼はBandle Cityのマザーシップを誘拐するためにこれらの物品を使おうとしていたのだ。マザーシップのノーズコーンの湾曲した金属の下に滑り込ませるためには馬蹄の形状は完璧であり、彼の魔術のかかった風船は危うくマザーシップを地上から持ち上げるところであった。

しかしながら、西から来た鋭い翼を持つthresher geeseの群れにより、Veigarの計画は頓挫した。この猛禽の群れはマザーシップの上空を横切り、ただ一つを残してVeigarの魔術のかかった風船を切り刻んだため、あっという間に風船はしぼんだ。
おそらく彼は魔術的な方法で逃げ出したと思われるが、彼が戦闘から逃走して以来、Bandle Cityの警官達が「小さな悪の総帥」の元にたどり着けなかった言い訳にはならないだろう。


It was discovered that the mastermind behind the Horseshoe Heist and Balloon Burglary was none other than veigarVeigar, the Tiny Master of Evil. He planned to use these items in a grand attempt to abduct Bandle City’s Mothership. The horseshoes’ shape allowed them to slip perfectly under the curved metal of the Mothership’s nose cone and his enchanted balloons threatened to lift the Mothership from the ground.

Veigar's plan was foiled, however, by a flock of sharp-winged thresher geese approached from the west. The flock of predatory birds passed above the Mothership and sliced though all but one of Veigar’s enchanted balloons, deflating them immediately. Faced with an impending and accidental defeat, Veigar tugged the final balloon free of its horseshoe and began to rise into the sky. The League Champion teemoTeemo, having just arrived at the Mothership, took aim and burst Veigar’s last balloon with a single dart. The Tiny Master of Evil plummeted into the tree line just outside the city.
Bandle City officials were unable to locate the Tiny Master of Evil following his escape from the battle, noting that it is likely he escaped through magical means.

The Mothership miraculously suffered no apparent damage from the incident. Many onlookers, however, commented that the Mothership appeared to have shifted slightly to the left.

行方不明の女の子帰ってくる (The Lost Girl Returns)


LuluはBandle Cityの住人達の中に再び溶け込もうとしたが、しかしその努力は不幸な結果に終わった。彼女は子供達全てを引き連れてかくれんぼをし、そして遊びをもっと楽しくしようと一時的に彼らを花や動物に変えたのだが、彼らの親達はその努力を快くは思わなかったのだ。yordle達は彼女にすぐにこの土地を出て行けと言い、そして彼女はそれに快く従った。
後に彼女は、その能力によってValoranの残りの地域に溶け込めないかどうかを確かめようと、the League of Legendsへと向かった。

The young, purple, yordle girl, LuluLulu, that was reportedly missing centuries ago, miraculously reappeared, allthough she did grow, she was much younger and healthier than anticipated. On return she acquired some new magical talent and a new friend, Pix, possibly the large firefly that the yordles had told about.

Lulu sought to reconnect to the residents of Bandle City, but her attempt had unfortunate results. She led all the children off to play hide and seek, temporarily changing them into flowers and animals to spice up the game, but their parents didn’t appreciate her efforts. The yordles insisted that she leave their lands immediately and she willingly did so.
She later went to the League of Legends to see if she could reconnect with the rest of Valoran through it.

Bandle Cityと関係のあるチャンピオン

Bandle Cityに所属しているチャンピオン (City-State Champions)

corkiCorki, 「向こう見ずな爆撃手」 (the Daring Bombardier) 出生地 the Screaming Yipsnakesのエースパイロット  Birthplace; ace pilot of the Screaming Yipsnakes
heimerdingerHeimerdinger, 「崇拝される発明家」 (the Revered Inventor) 出生地 Bandle Cityから来た有名な魔法技術者  Birthplace; renowned techmaturgist from Bandle City
poppyPoppy, 「鉄の大使」 (the Iron Ambassador) 出生地 Demaciaへの通信使  Birthplace; emissary to Demacia
rumbleRumble, 「機械化されたやんちゃ」 (the Mechanized Menace) 出生地 Bandle Cityから来たわがままなメカニック  Birthplace; wayward mechanic from Bandle City
teemoTeemo, 「素早い斥候」 (the Swift Scout) 出生地 Scouts of the Mothershipの一員  Birthplace; Scouts of the Mothership member
tristanaTristana, 「Megling銃士」 (the Megling Gunner) 出生地 the Megling Commandosの一員  Birthplace; member of the Megling Commandos
ZiggsZiggs, 「Hexplosiveの専門家」 (the Hexplosives Expert) 出生地 Bandle Cityから来た気まぐれな実験者  Birthplace; volatile experimenter from Bandle City

Bandle Cityと関連のあるチャンピオン (Associated Champions)

amumuAmumu, 「悲しいミイラ」 (the Sad Mummy) おそらく出生地  Probable birthplace
kennenKennen, 「嵐の中心」 (the Heart of the Tempest) 出生地  Birthplace
LuluLulu, 「妖精魔法使い」 (the Fae Sorceress) 出生地 the Glade(註:妖精の領域)の妖精の友人  Birthplace; friend of the Glade fae
veigarVeigar, 「小さな悪の総帥」 (the Tiny Master of Evil) 出生地 貿易機構の元メンバー  Birthplace; former trading organization member


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