逸話 (Lore)

Ionia is a naturally beautiful island nation full of ancient trees, tall mountains and tranquil rivers. The entire landscape is covered with large patches of forests teeming with life.


地理 (Locations)

There are currently 10 places known in Ionia. The Capital of Ionia, the Placidium, located in the south western part of Ionia northwest of Navori; Navori, a region located in the southern part of Ionia's mainland, Galrin, an island on southern most part of Ionia and Shon-Xan, east of the Navori region. The Shojin Monastery is located inside the Placidium, the Hirana Monastery, located somewhere in the northeast regions, the Kinkou Order, an ancient clan in the northwestern island, the Temple of Pallas, somewhere in the southern regions, the Celestial Fortress, the flying castle of SyndraSyndra, currently floating somewhere above Ionia and the Astral Grove, sorakaSoraka's place of origin and previous home before her fall. Although it exists outside of Runeterra, it is accessible in Ionia's forests.

Ioniaの中枢、"黙閣"(the Placidium)はIoniaの南西部、すなわちNavori地区の北西部に位置する。
"Shojin修道寺"(the Shojin Monastery)は"黙閣"の内部に位置する。
"Hirana修道寺"(the Hirana Monastery)は北東部の辺りに位置する。
"Kinkou衆"(the Kinkou Order)は北西部の島を拠点とする古参の集団である。
"Pallas寺院"(the Temple of Pallas)は南部の辺りに位置する。
SyndraSyndraの空飛ぶ城、"天空要塞"(the Celestial Fortress)は現在、Ionia上空のどこかに浮かんでいる。
"星界の森"(the Astral Grove)はsorakaSorakaの故郷であり、彼女が堕天する前の居住地である。Runeterraの外に位置する場所ではあるが、Ioniaの森と繋がっている。

※訳注:Placidium ― 地衣類の一種で、名前の由来はラテン語のPlacidus(静かな、穏やかな、平坦な)らしい。ここでは元となった語の意味を尊重して"黙閣"とした。

文化 (Culture)

The island city-state of Ionia is a haven for beings who seek spiritual evolution and enlightenment. While populated primarily by humans, some yordles and beings of unique origin also make Ionia their home. There are many spiritual centers and schools of enlightenment in Ionia, each one working in harmony with one another to find the answers to life’s mystical questions. Why are we here? Who are we? What does life truly mean? Such pursuits leave little time for thoughts of imperialism; the Ionians are extremely peaceful by nature.


The Ionians dedicate their lives to pursuing spiritual enlightenment instead of conflict; what kind of enlightenment is up to the individual. The mystics of Ionia delve into many mysteries, pioneering the very depths of spirituality. While many of them devote themselves to the pursuit of peace and light, there are those who walk different paths. Some pursue the beauty of perpetual sorrow, some the excitement of darkness, some the vitality of the primal. Most Ionians find violence distasteful and try not to resort to using it when resolving issues. That does not mean, however, that they are helpless or unable to defend themselves.


Diplomacy is an art in Ionia, and Ionian diplomats are revered by its citizens. Ionian courts are known all across Valoran as paradigms of fairness and neutrality, so much so that Ionian adjudicators are some of the most sought-after by the League of Legends.

Ioniaの司法機関は公正、中立の模範としてValoran全土に知れ渡っており、そのためIonia出身の審判はLeague of Legendsになくてはならないものの一つである。

行政 (Government)

Ionia has one of the most unusual governmental structures in all of Runeterra. This is partially because of its neutral political stance, and also because people in Ionia have generally eschewed conflict in favor of their unending quest for enlightenment. The power and wisdom of those who are considered blessed or enlightened, such as sorakaSoraka, the Starchild, are taken into account with a great amount of respect.

神々の寵愛者、覚醒者と見なされている者達 ― 例えばsorakaSoraka(星界の寵児:the Starchild) ― の力と知恵は多大な尊敬の念をもって考慮されている。

The lack of military involvement has prevented Ionia from needing a single defined leader such as the other city-states have. Instead, Ionia is divided into provinces which are each represented by an Elder. To determine who becomes an Elder, a competition called "The Distinction" is held every five years. This competition has several trials which test its candidates across a wide array of skills. Schools in each region send their finest adepts - men and women who have trained their bodies and minds in the path to enlightenment - to represent them in the Distinction. The prevailing Elders from each region then gather at the Convergence of Elders thrice annually or whenever any Elder calls for an emergency assembly. Duchess karmaKarma, the Enlightened One, resides among them. Amazingly, there has never been a recorded power struggle within this system, but this is generally thought to be due to the Trial of Humility, one of the most critical and revered tests in the Distinction.

その代わりに、Ioniaはそれぞれが"長老"(the Elder)によって代表される数ヶ所の管区に分かれている。
長老となる者を決めるために、「栄誉」("the Distinction")と呼ばれる競技会が5年毎に開かれている。
各地域の学院は最も優秀な達人 ― 啓蒙の過程で心身を鍛えあげた者 ― を代表として"栄誉"へと送り出す。
各地域の大長老(prevailing Elder)は年3回、あるいは時期に関わらず長老の一人が緊急会議の召集をかけたときに"長老総会"(the Convergence of Elders)で集結する。
karmaKarma女公爵(悟りし者:the Enlightened One)は彼らの一員である。
驚くべきことに、この機関内での権力闘争は記録上全く無いのだが、これは"謙譲の試練"(the Trial of Humility) ― "栄誉"で最も重要であり畏敬の念を抱かれる試験 ― の賜物であると一般に考えられている。

様々な派閥 (Various Sects)

The Ionians have created some of the most remarkable martial art forms on all of Runeterra - a manifestation of their pursuit of enlightenment.

Ioniaの人々はRuneterra全土で最も注目を浴びる武術の流派の一部を編み出している ― これらは悟りの境地を追究することの体現であるとも謂える。

・The Art of Hiten is a blade style developed by the famed swordsman Master Lito. His art was a highly-guarded secret, but it was said that swords would breathe in his grasp. When Master Lito died, his daughter ireliaIrelia, the Will of the Blades, inherited the Hiten style. Irelia has since taken the art form to new heights as she is capable of telekinetically commanding multiple blades. The weapons dance around her fluidly, effortlessly cutting down opponents within her vicinity.

Hiten流はかの名高い剣士、Master Litoによって編み出された剣術である。
Master Litoの死後、彼の娘であるireliaIrelia(刃の意志:the Will of the Blades)がHiten流を継承した。

・The Art of Wuju are principles founded on obtaining absolute spiritual awareness of one's self and one's enemy. masteryiMaster Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, the keeper of this ancient art, is descended from one of the few tribes dedicated to the preservation of Wuju. Due to the massacre of his kin, Master Yi is now one of the last Wuju practitioners. He has pledged to keep the Wuju style alive by teaching the art form to other individuals, such as wukongWukong, the Monkey King.

masteryiMaster Yi(Wujuの剣士:the Wuju Bladesman)はこの古武道の継承者であり、Wuju流の保護に生涯を捧げる数少ない部族の一つを祖先に持つ。
彼の血族が受けた大虐殺のために、Master Yiは今やWuju流を体現する最後の者達の一人である。
彼はwukongWukong(猿の王:the Monkey King)をはじめとする他者達にこの流派を伝授することによって、生きてWuju流を存続させることを誓っている。

・The Hirana Monastery is home to many monks who have delved to the deepest depths of spirituality. Their adepts are some of the most devout proponents of personal harmony within one's self. Though the monks deplore violence, they are not defenseless as they are skilled enough to turn and redirect an opponent's strikes. In an act of selflessness, the monks took in udyrUdyr, the Animal Spirit, and taught him how to harness and control his animalistic fury... most of the time.

無我の修行の最中、僧たちはudyrUdyr(野性の魂:the Animal Spirit)を迎え入れ、彼に自身の野性的な激情を利用、制御する方法を教えた…ほとんどの時間にわたって。

・The Kinkou Order exists as an ancient clan originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness - all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. The Order employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. The three shadow warriors shenShen, kennenKennen, and akaliAkali are each entrusted with one of three sacred duties: Watching the Stars, Coursing the Sun, and Pruning the Tree. The order, however, has since fallen before the new Order of the Shadow.

Kinkou衆はIonia諸島(the Ionian Isles)を起源に持つ古参の集団として存在しており、均衡の存続にその身を捧げている。
秩序、混沌、光、闇 ― 全てのものは完全に調和して存在しなければならない。何故なら、それこそがこの世界の習わしであるからだ。
三人組の影の戦士達、shenShen、kennenKennen、akaliAkaliは三つの儀式上の役割のうち一つをそれぞれ託しあっている。"星々の観測"(Watching the Stars)、"太陽の奔流"(Coursing the Sun)、"樹木の剪定"(Pruning the Tree)と呼ばれるものである。
しかしながら、この集団は新生集団の"影の組織"(the Order of the Shadow)に先んじてすでに壊滅している。

・The Order of the Shadow is a new clan that has dedicated themselves to learning the forbidden art of the shadows and killing anyone who refuses to learn. Their leader, ZedZed, the Master of the Shadows, was the first to learn the technique again after 200 years. By using the art of the shadows, they were able to bring down the ancient order of the Kinkou and have since used their lands as their own training grounds.

彼らの首領であるZedZed(影の指導者:the Master of the Shadows)は200年の時を経てその極意を再び甦らせた最初の人物である。

・The Shojin Monastery is home to peaceful monks that have long practiced the martial arts of inner healing. Through meditation the monks are capable of rejuvenating from injuries at a heightened rate. Some of these priests can also display acts of incredible willpower, such as suffering through agonizing amounts of pain for weeks without crying out. leesinLee Sin, the Blind Monk, resides within the monastery, having journeyed there years ago in hopes of obtaining atonement for past mistakes.

leesinLee Sin(盲目の僧:the Blind Monk)はこの修道寺で生活しているが、数年前には過去の過ちに対する償いを果たせることを期待して各地を旅していた。

・The Pallas Temple Guardian was a solitary role given only to the most exceptional Ionian warriors. Serving as the temple's warden, the Guardian would keep watch over the Pit of Pallas, an ancient pit of corruption so vile that many feared it could envelop the island in darkness. Sadly, the reclusive position no longer exists. The last Guardian, VarusVarus, the Arrow of Retribution, allowed himself to be consumed by the Pit's black flames, obtaining more power for his vengeance against Noxus.

Pallas寺院守衛(the Pallas Temple Guardian)はIoniaの最高の戦士達にのみ与えられる隠遁者としての役目である。
寺院の番人として奉仕することで、守衛は"Pallasの洞穴"(the Pit of Pallas) ― それによって島全体が闇で覆われてしまうと人々が恐れるほどの邪悪を秘めた古の洞穴 ― の監視を続けることができた。
Noxusへの復讐のために更なる力を手に入れようと、前任者であったVarusVarus(天罰の矢:the Arrow of Retribution)は自らの意志で洞穴の黒炎に身を投じたのだ。

人口統計 (Demographics)

Ionia is a place visually marked by numerous gardens and temples. Nature preserves and parks fill the Ionian countryside. A serene aesthetic dominates the landscape, even at its harbor and in its industrial sectors. Buildings are constructed with the goal of preserving the environment as much as possible. All of Ionia’s structures are ornately decorated, especially the temples. Magic is used liberally in the city, though only for peaceful purposes. Several of the city-states’s largest nexuses have been shaped into prominent temples and houses of communal contemplation.


One of Ionia’s most iconic structures is the Placidium, located in the heart of the city-state atop one of its largest nexuses. This building is home to the School of Transcendentalism, an organization dedicated to raising Runeterra’s populace to the greatest spiritual heights possible. The school is most noted for having the League champion sorakaSoraka as part of its governing board of regents. Beings from all across Runeterra flock to the school, seeking the secrets of spiritual enlightenment. Many of Ionia’s most successful diplomats have spent at least some time studying at the School of Transcendentalism.

Ioniaを最も象徴する建築物の一つに"黙閣"(the Placidium)があり、都市の中枢、最大級のNexus群の頂上に位置している。
この建造物は"超越主義学院"(the School of Transcendentalism) ― Runeterraの民衆を可能な限り高位の霊格へと昇華させることに専念する組織 ― の総本山である。

Leagueとの繋がり (Link to the League)

Ionia is known for its reverence of balance, and this also extends to its politics. Ionia was not an original member of the League. It had, and continues to proclaim, a neutral stance in the political affairs of Valoran. However, this stance has not excluded them from conflict with the mainland. In recent times, the power-hungry city-state of Noxus turned its eye toward Ionia for the purposes of conquest. Noxus launched a series of campaigns to conquer the seemingly pacifistic Ionians. While the initial stages of its invasion were extremely successful, Ionia eventually rallied a defense that shocked the Noxian High Command. Simultaneously, Ionian leaders hastened the entry of Ionia into the League, preventing Noxus from further hostilities outside the Fields of Justice. Noxus was able to maintain an occupation in some southern Ionian territories, thanks to a key victory over Ionia in a League match that was fought to determine the fate of the conquered lands.

侵略の最初の段階では成功裏に終わったものの、Ioniaは遂にNoxus軍最高司令部(the Noxian High Command)を震撼させる防衛軍を結成した。
それと同時に、NoxusによるFields of Justice外での更なる敵愾行為を防ぐため、Ioniaの指導者達はIoniaのLeague加入を急いだ。

After seven years, Ionia and Noxus battled again in a rematch in which the Ionians obtained victory, reclaiming their southern provinces.


史実 (History)

Noxusの侵略 (Invasion of Noxus)

When the League was first formed, Ionia initially refused to participate; the residents preferred to pursue personal enlightenment instead of waging constant battles with other city-states. The militaristic city-state of Noxus saw their decision as an opportunity. No longer in direct war with Demacia, Noxus had turned its expansionist eye towards conquering those who remained outside of the League's jurisdiction. Noxian spies began to trade aggressively with the Ionians, traveling the island to study its weaknesses and identify critical targets. When the plan was formed, the forces of Noxus struck.


The southern provinces of Ionia were the most open to trade and were also among the wealthiest. It was there that the Noxian forces landed under the cover of night. After being met with little resistance, Noxus’ forces formed their first beachheads and began their invasion. While the war was heavily in the favor of the Noxian forces, the Ionians would not surrender. In response to a growing Ionian resistance, Noxus brought in mercenaries from Zaun. The mad scientists implemented unspeakable tactics, unleashing their cruel creations on non-combatant civilians. These acts of terror were what finally brought forth the full anger of the Ionians.


Bringing all its might and martial traditions to bear, the island nation fought back fiercely. The turning point of the war came at the "Great Stand of the Placidium", where the Ionians forced the Noxians to stop their advance and give ground. Though they suffered high casualties, the Ionian warriors eventually brought the invaders to a stalemate, pushing them back to their power bases on the island. Despite their losses, the forces of Noxus remained in control of three of the wealthiest southern provinces - Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan.

その戦争の転機は「"黙閣"大防衛戦線」("Great Stand of the Placidium")で訪れた。この戦場でIonia軍はNoxus軍に進撃の中断を強いて、後退を余儀無くさせたのだ。
だが敗北を喫したにもかかわらず、Noxus軍は最も潤沢な資産を持つ南部地区のうち3ヶ所を統治下に置いた状態を維持していた ― すなわちGalrin、Navori、Shon-Xanの3つである。

最後の守護者 (The Last Guardian)

Following the events of the last Noxian Invasion, Varus, the Pallas Temple Guardian, returned to his village to find that his home had been obliterated during the invasion. Varus swore vengeance against all Noxians but needed greater power to fulfill his new oath. With nothing left to lose, the former guardian turned to the Pit of Pallas to gain the requisite strength to carry out his vendetta.


The Pit's black flames consumed his body and transformed him into a creature now known as VarusVarus, the Arrow of Retribution.

洞穴の黒炎は彼の身体を焼き尽くし、そして彼をある怪物へと変貌させた ― それが現在のVarusVarus(天罰の矢:the Arrow of Retribution)である。

島を賭けた決闘 (Trial for the Isle)

Seven years after the Noxian invasion began, the remaining Ionian Families, brought together by the Duchess Karma, had decided that there was only one recourse left. They petitioned to join the League of Legends in order to drive Noxus out once and for all. They made their intentions clear stating that they only joined the League in order to ensure Ionia's future security within the world. Their membership was granted and the match was set. The "Trial for the Isle" was perhaps one of the most famous matches of all time. Unfortunately for the Ionians, they lost, albeit amidst questionable circumstances. Some insist that Noxus’ victory came as the result of pre-match tampering.

Noxus軍の侵略行為が開始してから7年後、Karma女公爵によって結成された"Ionia遺民団"(the remaining Ionian Families)は、頼みになる選択肢は唯一つのみしか残されていないと判断した。
これを最後にNoxus軍を国外へと追いやるため、彼らはLeague of Legendsに参入することを請願した。
この世界で存続する上で将来におけるIoniaの安全保障を確立するためだけに、我々はLeague of Legendsに参入するのだと明言することで、彼らは自らの意向を明らかにした。
「島を賭けた決闘」("Trial for the Isle")は史上最も有名な試合の一つに数えられるだろう。

The results of the match allowed Noxian forces to legitimately occupy the southern regions of Ionia. Native Ionians were treated as second-class citizens by the ruling Noxian elite. Soldiers, political dissidents, and anyone else who threatened the Noxians were interred into labor camps. Forces continued to plunder the wealth and natural resources of the island, sending the spoils back to Noxus. There was much external political pressure, particularly on the part of Demacia, for the invaders to leave. The Noxian High Command claimed they remain there to assist the island nation's future development, and that they would leave once Ionia had been modernized enough to economically compete in the world and protect itself from foreign threats.


解き放たれた影達 (The Shadows Released)

An orphan, ZedZed was taken in and trained by a great ninja master. Only one other student appeared to be Zed's equal - the master's son, shenShen. It seemed Zed could never win the favor of the master, as every match between the rivals ended in a draw. Frustrated and jealous, he sought an advantage. The young ninja ventured into a sealed part of the clan's temple, where he found an ornate, foreboding box. Sensing the dark knowledge within, Zed knew he should not open it, but he peered inside nonetheless. In an instant, shadows touched his mind, revealing techniques that had long been hidden. Now armed with a secret edge, he challenged Shen, and this time he defeated the master's son. He expected praise and recognition in his moment of victory, but somehow the master knew Zed had used forbidden ways, and banished him.

Zedと肩を並べる実力を持つと思しき他の弟子はただ一人 ― 頭の息子、shenShenのみであった。

Humiliated, the young ninja wandered for years. His bitterness turned to ambition, and he began to train others in the style of the shadows. But he knew that without the box his style would never be perfect and thus he swore to return there one day and retrieve the box.


Shojin修道僧による抗議 (Protest of the Shojin Monk)


Eight years remained before southern Ionia could challenge Noxus once again for their independence. However, protests in Ionia were on the rise, particularly due to the self-immolation of the Shojin monk, leesinLee Sin, within the Lotus Garden. These public outcries challenged the League’s authority. Ionians claimed that fifteen years was far too long a stay to grant to the invaders, and that Noxus had taken advantage of the newly-formed League when the ruling was made. Demands for an earlier rematch were made with ireliaIrelia, the Ionian Captain of the Guard, at the helm of the effort. Despite Noxian protests that such challenges border on illegality, Ionia gained much support in the court of public opinion. In a stunningly direct speech, Prince jarvanivJarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia, spoke out against the Noxian occupation. He stated that if the League was unwilling to remove the Noxians from the island nation, then he planned to personally visit Ionia himself.

しかしながら、Ionia内の抗議活動は激化の一途を辿っていた。それは特に"蓮園"(the Lotus Garden)で行われたShojin修道院の僧、leesinLee Sinの焼身行為によるところが大きかった。
Ionia防衛隊長(the Ionian Captain of the Guard)であるireliaIreliaが抗議運動の先陣を切り、再戦の早期化が要求された。
驚くほど単刀直入な口ぶりで、jarvanivJarvan IV(Demaciaの規範:the Exemplar of Demacia)王子はNoxusの占領行為に反対すると宣言した。

再戦への過程 (Path to the Rematch)

As weeks passed Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon, the officer charged with overseeing the Noxian presence in Ionia, returned from an emergency conference in Noxus. Hawkmoon gave a stunning response to the protests across Valoran, stating that while the demands on the side of Ionia were unlawful, it was within Noxus' right to grant Ionia its rematch before the proper term had elapsed. Should Ionia desire to meet Noxus on the Fields of Justice again to determine the fate of southern provinces, then Noxus would accept the terms of a rematch. The Convergence of Elders called an assembly immediately following Hawkmoon's speech.

数週間後、Noxus-Ionia駐屯軍の監督を務めるMalek Hawkmoon宰相が、Noxusでの緊急会議から戻った。
もし南部地区の運命を決すべく、Fields of JusticeでNoxusと再度相見えることをIoniaが望むならば、その時はNoxusは再戦の約束を受ける意思がある、ということであった。

After the Elders' meeting had ended, Duchess Karma announced Ionia's acceptance of Noxus’ offer. The two city-states entered negotiations to solidify the stakes of the match. It was ultimately determined that if Ionia won, Noxus must withdraw its forces in full, and immediately halt any and all extraction of Ionian resources. However, should Noxus prevail, Ionia must completely surrender the southern provinces to the nation of Noxus, and furnish one Noxian designee with a seat amongst the Ionian Elders. This would give Noxus a voice and ear inside the government of Ionia. The League proceeded to approve ten champions for each side. These champions would later meet in a single battle to determine the fate of Ionia.


再戦の後 (Aftermath of the Rematch)

The Ionia versus Noxus Rematch ended in a decisive victory for Ionia over Noxus, allowing the Ionians to reclaim their southern provinces. Noxian forces began withdrawing from those regions as the citizens of Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan erupted in celebration prior to their occupiers vacating completely. The regions had been cut off from the rest of Ionia for seven years and Ionians from all over the island descended upon the regions to share food, supplies, and support. Tearful reunions between long-separated families became a common sight throughout Ionia. Many citizens gathered in droves at the Lotus Gardens. They anxiously awaited the fate of Lee Sin, the burning monk from the Shojin Monastery, who incited the protest by setting himself aflame. It was only when the monk was greeted by his sister from the liberated province of Galrin that he allowed the flame to be extinguished. His brethren then hastened the monk’s blistered body swiftly back to the monastery for treatment.

彼らはLee Sin ― 自らの焼身行為により抗議活動を煽動したShojin修道寺の僧 ― の行く末を案じて見守った。

The invasion, occupation, protest, and finally liberation in this long chapter of Ionia’s history had at last drawn to a close.

侵略、占領、抗議、そして解放 ― Ioniaの歴史を長々と綴ったこの項は、遂にここで締め括られる。

火の祭典 (The Festival of Fire)


Ionians from every province gathered beneath the flowered branches of the Great Tree in the Serene Gardens yesterday for the city-state’s annual Festival of Fire. An early summer tradition, this festival was a symbol of Ionian culture, celebrating the cleansing and rebirth of the spirit. Festivities began in the early morning as citizens poured into the Serene Gardens. Vendors set up shop along the garden’s edges, offering wares of traditional Ionian food, garb, and antique weaponry. Citizens mingled in the shade of the Great Tree and wrote their woes and worries on scrolls to be hung from the Tree’s branches.

先日、この国の年1回の催し"火の祭典"(Festival of Fire)のため、"静園"(the Serene Gardens)に立つ"大樹"(the Great Tree)の下に全地域からIoniaの人々が集まった。

During the night, Ionian citizens were treated to various musical and theatric performances pertaining to Ionian history or legend. The headlining performance featured League Champions shenShen, the Eye of Twilight, and akaliAkali, the Fist of Shadow, who performed The Tale of Reina, a legend in which an ancient Ionian warrior is hunted by an evil spirit. Akali took the part of Reina herself, dressed in formal Ionian red and white battle garb, and Shen played the spirit that plagued her, adorned with a fearsome mask. As the legend goes, Reina fled the spirit for years, yet it always found and tormented her. Finally, Reina donned her own mask to confront the spirit, but when she turned to face it, it never came again, frightened away by her strength.

見出しとなった演目では、LeagueのchampionであるshenShen(黄昏の眼:the Eye of Twilight)とakaliAkali(幻影の拳:the Fist of Shadow)が主役を演じた。二人が演じたのは"Reinaの伝説"(The Tale of Reina) ― とある古のIoniaの戦士が悪しき霊魂の獲物となる伝説であった。

When the sun rose in the morning and the Tree had become almost fully concealed behind scrolls, an Ionian summoner lit them briefly aflame. As the magic dissipated, the sun shone brilliantly through the branches of the Great Tree. Master Hana, an Ionian adjudicator, stated that this was the festival's greatest lesson: out of any darkness comes the grandest of light.

Ioniaの判事であるMaster Hanaによれば、この祭典の最大の訓示は次のものであるようだ ― 遍き闇は光の偉大さを生む最大の源である。

天空の要塞 (The Celestial Fortress)

During her training, SyndraSyndra, the Dark Sovereign discovered that her magic had stopped evolving. She went to her master to demand an answer for this. He said that he sealed her magic in hopes that she would learn restraint and control. Enraged, she assaulted him and demanded that he lift the seal. Her master threatened her that if she does not learn, he would be forced to strip her of her magic completely. Syndra lifted her master instead and smashed him to the wall killing him and ultimately releasing her from the seal.

修行の最中、SyndraSyndra(闇の君主:the Dark Sovereign)は自身の魔力が成長を止めたことに気付いた。

She refused to return to her village and so she turned the temple into her fortress and lifted it into the sky. She now plots her revenge against the Elders of Ionia.


永遠の終焉 (Eternity's End)

The immortal Starchild, sorakaSoraka, was visited in her hidden grove by a man named warwickWarwick and in his hands, the body of his late wife. Warwick begged her to restore his wife but her powers were not strong enough to raise the dead. Upon hearing this Warwick swore to find the fiends that murdered his wife.


Warwick came to the grove regularly, eventually establishing a friendly relationship with Soraka. One day, Warwick found out who killed his wife and he wanted vengeance. Soraka pleaded against the idea of revenge, but Warwick ignored her pleas. Soraka followed him to try and keep him out of harm's way despite the warnings of the stars. She entered the mortal realm for the first time and ran after him. When she found him, Warwick was being attacked and she tried to heal his wounds but to no avail. She was forced to use her powers to attack and immediately became mortal. When she came to his side, Warwick stabbed her, but she sent him away with powerful magic and she tended to her wound. With immortality and the star's guidance gone, she now lives among the mortals and seeks to bring an end to the Runeterra's suffering.


Kinkouの黄昏、Shadowの暁 (The Kinkou Falls, the Shadow Arise)

One day, ZedZed looked at his followers and saw that his students were now an army. He led them back to the temple to claim his prize. At the gates, he was surprised to find the old master waiting, receiving Zed and his disciples as if they were welcome guests. The old man laid his sword at Zed's feet, declaring that he had failed Zed as his master. By banishing his former student, the master had doomed Zed to the shadows, instead of leading him to the balanced path. The old man implored Zed to enter the temple, destroy the box, and lead his followers to balance. The dark ninja followed the master inside. Moments later, the assembled ninjas heard Zed cry out in pain. Mysteriously, he emerged unscathed, and threw the severed head of the master at Shen's feet. Screaming in rage, Zed commanded his followers to slaughter the master's students and seize the box.


That day, the old ninja order fell. Though many students died, some escaped thanks to shenShen's heroic efforts. Now the temple is a dark training ground for the Order of the Shadow. Zed rules as the Order's master, and his edict is simple: perfect one's technique, and kill all ninjas who refuse to embrace the shadows.

Zedはその組織の頭として君臨しており、その教えは単純である ― 自らの技を極め、影に奉じぬ忍者を全て抹殺せよ。

Runeterraに眠る古の謎 (An Ancient Mystery In Runeterra)


This Ionian woodblock was carved long before the war with Noxus. They're rare nowadays, but they're always more or less the same. They all depict things of beauty: landscapes, monks in meditation, the stars and the night sky, all of that "enlightenment" stuff they're always on about. All of them... except this one.
I've never seen anything like it. It's that same Aatroxdark figure with that same blade - and the worst thing - I don't think those red stains are ink...

こいつらにはどれも美しいものが描かれている ― 風景、瞑想する僧達、夜空とそこに浮かぶ星達、全部彼らがいつも口癖みたいに言う、あの「悟りの境地」って奴を表してるんだ。
こいつはあの同じAatrox黒い姿で、同じ剣を持っている。そして最悪なことに ― 俺にはこの赤い染みがインクだとは思えないんだ…
― Ezreal談

※Ezrealが発見した遺物について解説する"Runeterraに眠る古の謎"(An Ancient Mystery In Runeterra)#6からの引用。


Ioniaに所属しているChampion (City-State Champions)

AhriAhri(九尾の狐:the Nine-Tailed Fox) 出身地、かつてIonia南部に住む白狐であった
ireliaIrelia(刃の意志:the Will of the Blades) 出身地、防衛隊長を務める
karmaKarma(悟りし者:the Enlightened One) 出身地、霊的指導者であり、Ionia公爵位を持つ
leesinLee Sin(盲目の僧:the Blind Monk) 出身地、Shojin修道寺の高僧
masteryiMaster Yi(Wujuの剣士:the Wuju Bladesman) 出身地、Wuju流の達人
VarusVarus(天罰の矢:the Arrow of Retribution) 出身地、かつて"Pallasの洞穴"の守衛であった

Ioniaと関連のあるChampion (Associated Champions)

akaliAkali(幻影の拳:the Fist of Shadow) 出身地、Kinkou衆の忍者
kennenKennen(雷嵐の心:the Heart of the Tempest) 在住地、Kinkou衆の忍者
rivenRiven(流浪者:the Exile) かつてNoxus軍の陸軍将校であった
shenShen(黄昏の眼:the Eye of Twilight) 出身地、Kinkou衆の再興に努める
sonaSona(弦楽の匠:Maven of the Strings) おそらく出身地、孤児
sorakaSoraka(星界の寵児:the Starchild) 在住地、放浪の天界人であり治療者
singedSinged(狂気の化学者:the Mad Chemist) 多数のIonia市民を死に追いやった
SyndraSyndra(闇の君主:the Dark Sovereign) 出身地、Ioniaの長老達を全滅させることを企む
udyrUdyr(魂の旅人:the Spirit Walker) Noxusの侵略戦争で防衛軍の一員を務めた、Hirana修道寺の僧、原初の獣達の霊魂の憑り代となる
warwickWarwick(血の狩猟者:the Blood Hunter) sorakaSorakaの心臓の奪取を試みる
wukongWukong(猿の王:the Monkey King) おそらく出身地、masteryiMaster YiからWuju流の極意を教わる
ZedZed(影の指導者:the Master of Shadows) おそらく出身地、"影の組織"の首領


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